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Bernie Grundman Mastering Tokyo is a full service mastering facility specializing in the final creative adjustments to optimize recordings for maximum effectiveness before commercial release or demonstration use. Our products are high quality masters for replication, and reference discs for critical evaluation. We also master for 5.1 surround sound and do DVD video authoring as well. In addition, we can supply computer files for archiving or future work. Tokyo is also capable of mastering for internet streaming. The studio is overseen by the Hollywood office, including maintenance and modifications of the mastering systems. The studio is located on the third and fourth floor of a small office building with two mastering suites, one DVD authoring suite, production room, shop, and various other support offices and areas.

The Tokyo studio receives all the latest improvements developed in Hollywood plus custom designed changes they initiate to satisfy any special preferences. As with Hollywood, all of our efforts are to help realize the maximum potential of our clients projects.

For more information see the Tokyo website at:

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